Porcine IL-12

We focus on the production of porcine interleukin-12 as a key research reagent and adjuvant component for producing new and/or more effective swine vaccines for flu and other diseases.  IL-12 is fundamental in activating both mucosal and cell-mediated immunity and enhances the efficacy of systemic, mucosal, and DNA-based vaccines.  Development of a low cost, scalable source of this key cytokine that could be efficiently delivered to swine could prevent spread of many viral diseases that threaten high economical losses for the industry.

Porcine IL-12 is currently produced commercially only as an animal cell produced recombinant research reagent costing far more than would be economically viable for livestock vaccination strategies. Our aim is to produce IL-12 in a plant-based system, lowering costs significantly and making it commercially viable for commercial vaccine production